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Someone found bad things from an info@ address’ past

Yeah, I’m not worried, not when an email like this goes to an “info@” email address that I monitor. It’s a scam: The link goes to a site that tries to sell you background information on people. Don’t click on messages like this, don’t reply. Simply delete them and move on. From: “Public Records Service” […]


I received two spams on the same day, and with the exact same subject line. The messages, however, are quite different, and are quite laughably bad. Even so, don’t reply to such messages, even if it’s tempting to correct their grammar or spelling. The best thing to do is delete the messages. Both messages are […]

Let’s join the Illuminati

Were they real? Were they dangerous? I’ll leave those questions to historians. However, if you believe in the Illuminati, you’re probably not going to join that secret society by responding to spam. Read, enjoy, but don’t respond to messages like this. From: “The illuminati” email hidden; JavaScript is required Subject: Join the illuminati To: Recipients email […]

Do not destroy this scammer’s career, okay?

Such a tale of woe! None of it true, of course. Sorry, you’re not going to get a share of this £17,352,110 windfall from an abandoned bank account — because it doesn’t exist. Enjoy the email, if you receive it, and then delete without responding. From: “Dr Joseph” email hidden; JavaScript is required Subject: Inquiry […]

It’s a really long subject line, but still spam

This is either a mistake or an clever attempt to evade anti-spam filters. There is no message body. I am inclined to believe it’s the latter, guessing that filters will look at the body of the message, not the subject line. Either way, the U.S. Homeland Security department doesn’t use email addresses in Italy for official […]

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Wishing Ted Bahr the best on the Bahr Gallery

Ted Bahr has the coolest art store on Long Island: The Bahr Gallery. Ted is the “B” of BZ Media – and I’m the “Z.” We’ve worked together, off and on, since the early 1990s, beginning at Miller Freeman in San Francisco. We started BZ Media together in 1999, starting such iconic media properties as […]

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14 ways to optimize your application’s real-world performance

Users care passionately about their software being fast and responsive. You need to give your applications both 0-60 speed and the strongest long-term endurance. Here are 14 guidelines for choosing a deployment platform to optimize performance, whether your application runs in the data center or the cloud. Faster! Faster! Faster! That killer app won’t earn […]

Little spam boxes filled with cash

Little boxes, little boxes, all the same. If this spam has anything that makes it interesting, beyond the terrible grammar, it’s that the faux shipments are so detailed: 61x156x73m, with a capacity of 680 liters. Of course, this is spam – the extra details don’t change anything. Delete such messages, don’t respond to them. From: […]


Wishing Cantor Barry Reich a wonderful retirement

Can you believe that Cantor Barry Reich has been with Peninsula Temple Sholom for 51 years? That’s an incredible tenure. He began at the Burlingame, Calif., synagogue as a liturgical singer who showed up on a motorcycle. He retires — well, becomes Cantor Emeritus – at the end of this month. Barry and I have […]


Don’t play “Topper” with someone’s grief

It’s so easy to relate to someone’s sorrows by saying, “Oh yes, that happened to me too.” A friend lost a job; well, you lost a job once. A friend lost a pet; well, your Fluffy got cancer and died. And speaking of cancer… or losing a parent or other loved one. It’s happening to […]

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How not to fail at GDPR compliance

You wouldn’t enjoy paying a fine of 4 percent of your company’s total revenue. But that’s the potential penalty if your company is found in violation of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 25, 2018. As you’ve probably read, organizations anywhere in the world are subject to GDPR if they […]

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The public cloud is part of your network — but it’s not entirely

The public cloud is part of your network. But it’s also not part of your network. That can make security tricky, and sometimes become a nightmare. The cloud represents resources that your business rents. Computational resources, like CPU and memory; infrastructure resources, like Internet bandwidth and Internal networks; storage resources; and management platforms, like the […]


How to streamline third-party security risk assessments

It’s standard practice for a company to ask its tech suppliers to fill out detailed questionnaires about their security practices. Companies use that information when choosing a supplier. Too much is at stake, in terms of company reputation and customer trust, to be anything but thorough with information security. But how can a company’s IT […]

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Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are essential for cloud computing

No more pizza boxes: Traditional hardware firewalls can’t adequately protect a modern corporate network and its users. Why? Because while there still may be physical servers inside an on-premises data center or in a wiring closet somewhere, an increasing number of essential resources are virtualized or off-site. And off-site includes servers in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service […]

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Key takeaways from RSA Conference 2018

Nine takeaways from the RSA Conference 2018 can give business leaders some perspective on how to think about the latest threats and information security trends. I attended the conference in April, along with more than 42,000 corporate security executives and practitioners, tech vendors, consultants, researchers and law enforcement experts. In my many conversations, over way […]

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The perfect sport for CEOs

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd is known as an avid tennis fan and supporter of the sport’s development, having played in college at Baylor University. At the Collision Conference last week in New Orleans, Hurd discussed the similar challenges facing tennis players and top corporate executives. “I like this sport because tennis teaches that you’re out there by […]


Five things you need to know about microservices

Microservices are a software architecture that have become quite popular in conjunction with cloud-native applications. Microservices allow companies to add or update new or existing tech-powered features more easily—and quite frequently even reduce the operating expenses of a product. A microservices approach does this by making it easier to update a large, complex program without […]

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Blockchain increases trust between business partners

No doubt you’ve heard about blockchain. It’s the a distributed digital ledger technology that lets participants add and view blocks of transaction records, but not delete or change them without being detected. Most of us know blockchain as the foundation of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But blockchain is starting to enter the business mainstream […]

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Staying awake, worrying about network attackers

Get ready for insomnia. Attackers are finding new techniques, and here are five that will give you nightmares worse than after you watched the slasher film everyone warned you about when you were a kid. At a panel at the 2018 RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, we learned that these new attack techniques aren’t merely […]

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Why your Security Operations Center can’t scale

Blame people for the SOC scalability challenge. On the other hand, don’t blame your people. It’s not their fault. The security operations center (SOC) team is frequently overwhelmed, particularly the Tier 1 security analysts tasked with triage. As companies grow and add more technology — including the Internet of Things (IoT) — that means more […]

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Microsoft Security thinks like Skynet

Got Terminator? Microsoft is putting artificial intelligence in charge of automatically responding to detected threats, with a forthcoming update to Windows Defender ATP. Microsoft is expanding its use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics behind the current levels of machine learning in its security platform. Today, AI is used for incident detection and investigation, […]

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Hot new Verizon Data Breach report focuses on ransomware, botnets

Ransomware rules the cybercrime world – perhaps because ransomware attacks are often successful and financially remunerative for criminals. Ransomware features prominently in Verizon’s fresh-off-the-press 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). As the report says, although ransomware is still a relatively new type of attack, it’s growing fast: Ransomware was first mentioned in the 2013 DBIR […]

Oh, look, a message from Citibank House, USA

How very British – having correspondence from “Citibank House,” somewhere in the state of North Carolina. It’s like the address for the British Broadcasting Corp. was simply BBC, Bush House, London, for many decades. The building’s street address, 30 Aldwych, was not needed. There are lots of other clues that this is spam besides the […]

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What IHS Markit says about the IoT and colocation hosts

Endpoints everywhere! That’s the future, driven by the Internet of Things. When IoT devices are deployed in their billions, network traffic patterns won’t look at all like today’s patterns. Sure, enterprises have a few employees working at home, or use technologies like MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) or even SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide-Area Networks) to connect […]