Where’s the scam here? This messages, like many scam message, came in from one free email service (Yahoo), but has a reply-to address at another (Gmail). I believe the Yahoo addresses was forged. The recipient list was suppressed, and it came to one of my personal email addresses.

How’s this scam work, do you think? What’s the deal?

From: “Richard Edward”
Subject: Hotel Accommodation Booking !!!

Dear Sir/Ma

I am Richard Edward, Me and my family are coming to your country to spend the our holiday and we will like you accommodate in your Hotel,we will like to make the booking as soon as possible,I want to know if you can accommodate us as follow,we are coming to your country to spend the holiday with the below rooms.

Me & My Wife (Mr & Mrs Edward ) ———- Double Room
My Sons ( James & Theo ) ——— Double Room
Daughter ( Rachael ) ——Single Room

The room will be 2-Double room and 2-Single Room,Make the booking and get back to me with the total cost,also confirm to me if you accept credit card (Master,Visa) for the full payment before arrival. Get back to me now with the booking details so as to send you details of booking, Checkin and Out Date.

I will be expecting your reply soon !!!

Best Regard

Richard Edward

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It’s 3,613 miles from Honolulu to San Francisco. If you’re driving, it’ll take you 14 days 19 hours. Be sure to leave plenty of time for kayaking, as you go from the Turtle Bay Hilton in Waikiki (near Diamond Head) to Seattle.

Don’t ask why we were asking Google Maps for directions from Honolulu to San Francisco. Also, don’t ask why the software wants you to make landfall up in Washington State, and then drive down I-5 through Oregon to get to San Francisco. It seems that it would be much shorter to kayak directly to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

But it is quite amusing that on the directions it says,

14. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean 2,756 mi

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It’s time to hire some new software developers, folks!

I was checking out the Extended Stay America hotel in Bethpage, New York — it’s not far from BZ Media’s headquarters on Long Island. When going for a virtual room tour, I was stopped dead by the system requirements:

System Requirements for Surround Video:

For Windows: Surround Video is viewable on Win3.2, Win95, and WinNT and Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, go to: http://www.microsoft.com/ie/download/

For Macintosh: Surround Video is only supported on the Power Macintosh. There is no support for Mac 68000. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer version 3.02 or higher. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, go to: http://www.microsoft.com/ie/download/

Needless to say, the room viewer doesn’t run on an Intel-based Mac under Snow Leopard. I guess nobody at Extended Stay America has looked at the company’s own website recently: Internet Explorer 3.02 came out in March 1997.

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I made the mistake of wandering over to the News-Computer blog home page, and have wasted too much time there. Here are some of the lead paragraphs for the latest stories published here.

These are clearly stories that were machine-translated from English to another language (I think Russian) and then back again.

(See my previous entry, “The 2009 SD Times 100 String was published online and in the oppressive inscribe.”)

Google s Chrome browser ready for download

The regular probation of the Google browser testament be available in 43 languages in 100 countries, Sundar Pichai, Google s vise head of the state of product government said at a dope convention at the company s Peak View, California headquarters. You truly spend else interval in your browser than you effect in your car, Brian Rakowski, troop product administrator for the browser project, said of the importance of offering a faster browser and forcing in a superior way competition in the market.

Dell Now Selling Microsoft Software Downloads – Software – IT Channel News by CRN

In an treaty unveiled Thursday, Microsoft is letting Dell sell accepted offerings akin Word, Excel and Coming washed-up its Dell Download Store, which opened in January. Unsurprisingly, Dell testament sell Microsoft products at prices that hog been slashed to the bone. Microsoft Profession Microscopic Employment 2007 is listed at 400.99, hale below its MSRP of 449.95. Occupation Efficient 2007, which has an MSRP of 499.95, sells for 448.99. Dell s stance is that the Download Store not isolated gives customers greater pricing and availability, however is too a else environmentally auspicious journey of distributing software thanks to it obviates the committal for packaging material.

Maruti launches microsite – Express India

Guide features of the interactive Ritz microsite consist of a countdown ticker showing the chronology left for Ritz to arrive, a pleasant online viral to digital watch and enjoy, captivating screensavers and motorcar wallpaper and a teaser that shows the shape of the automobile bit by bit when the cursor is moved over it. These features apart, the microsite has multiple games and puzzles. The speck further offers prizes such as trolley bags, Puma T-shirts, and Ritz desk sets.

Midland Daily News Archives Local News Summer sizzles at the Grace A. Dow Library

Adults can besides pick up a reading log at the Reference Desk to dawn participating in this year s Summer Reading Program. Summer personal computer classes Looking for something to engage in this summer? Receipts a machine troop at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. Free, hands-on pc classes testament yield community this summer in the library s Convention Period C. Reservations may be untrue at the Reference Desk or by calling 837-3449. Group sizes are limited.

Taming User Access Control :: SearchSecurity.com.au

This is shown here: In this example, the user is requested to enter Denise s password in plan to perform the privileged function. The user may and choose another administrative novel by clicking Use another account. By default, UAC is turned on. Provided you re using Vista already, you no question noticed it when using Vista for the head time. How to configure User History Force Configuring UAC is simple all you can achieve is turn it on or off.

Apple s IPhone Updates – PC World

Inclined the company s core on the iPhone it seems one shot becoming that we devote the entirety of this chapter of the Macworld Podcast to it as well. We complete that with two interviews. The early is with Mac accessibility expert, Josh de Lioncourt, who discusses what the iPhone 3G S brings to the sight-impaired and blind. We too prelection approximately the accessibility improvements that testament develop in Snow Leopard and why some in the sight-impaired limited may be as well keen to dismiss Apple s accessibility efforts.

My Car Would Have Failed the Safety Lane Exam Today – Memories – Chattanoogan.com

My forenoon commute recently ended with a realization that some automobile prolongation was needed. I always detect two headlights shining on the wall of the parking garage, however not today. One bulb had away out. I then had a flashback to the days of the Chattanooga Safety Lane, and thought, My motorcar would hog failed the confirmation today. In the head scarce decades of engine travel, accidents were caused not one by unsafe drivers on the other hand recurrently by defective mechanical systems.

Digital Picture Frames The Next Big Devices? HULIQ

Honorable scrutinize at the crush the Apple iPod and MP3 players in common acquire unreal on the ragtime industry, and how quickly apartment lodgings shade LCD televisions are practically eliminating traditional CRT TVs, promptly that their prices are dropping. What electronics manufacturers invest heavily in is trying to figure absent what the ensuing bulky gadget testament be that consumers will fall in ardency with. It s a demanding task. One slogan that has downbeat imaginable is the digital picture frame.

TellX Unveils Active Video Technology that Allows Unprecedented Brand Integration for DVD Releases

Technology-savvy film lovers are always looking for the first-class national entertainment experience, said Owen Carton, Founder and President, TellX. We are thrilled to enjoy a better civic retailer showcasing the TellX-enhanced DVD proceeds and deem consumers testament be thankful the astonishing added bill at no supplementary cost. The DVD mart is an huge platform that goes exclusively untapped for advertising and sponsorship, said Carton. Sponsors are attracted in TellX owing to we deliver fresh and innovative ways to activate trade-mark awareness and stimulate sales.

Washington DC Weight Loss Surgery Practice Bluepoint Surgical Group Launches New Website Showcasing Procedures and da Vinci reg Robotic Surgery

The knowledge is unveiling an innovative distinct website showcasing the procedures and programs they offer, and giving patients a diversity of tools to study the benefits of surgery and how their lives can be changed for the better. The advanced location incorporates detailed biographies of surgeons and dieticians at the practice, video interviews, advice and graphic animations on the procedures they perform, nutrition and column collection information, an online BMI Body Bulk Index calculator, and amassed into one easy-to-navigate thing for common people considering surgery to nourishment them lose weight.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

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Talk about “lost in machine translation.” I was pointed to this interesting page, http://news-computer.com/page_all_1.html, which you may enjoy as much as I did. (Websites are lacework sites!)

The lead story on the page, “Technology News: Social Networking: A Week of Free Updates, Free Advice and Free Speech,” begins with,

That could be a copious poser for the forces against censorship, who look Fresh Dam as equitable one besides pathway for the control to dominion information. Nevertheless it could and be a extensive crunch for the rest of the world, whether a peruse released by security experts at the University of Michigan is correct. That glance at says Half-formed Dam is complete of holes and that installing it renders a pc completely sucker to Web-based attacks.

Someone sent me a link to this blog, because it has a story about the SD Times 100. The story, called, “Klocwork Named to SD Times 100 List in Security Category – MarketWatch,” begins,

SD Times 100 Case for the fifth consecutive year. SD Times names companies and organizations of all sizes who obtain demonstrated headship and innovation that contributes to the advancement of software evolution managers, developers and the production over the elapsed almanac year. SD Times has recognized Klocwork in the Security sort alongside distinct other industry leaders in the software evolvement community.

The 2009 SD Times 100 String was published online and in the oppressive inscribe of the Jun 15, 2009 controversy of SD Times. In preceding years, Klocwork has been recognized in the Check & Merit Assurance (QA) and the Test, QA & Performance Polity categories. This has been a difficult year with legion challenges for divers companies, much the software buildup industry has prevailed and continues to innovate,” said Alan Zeichick, editorial employer of BZ Media’s SD Times.

It was strenuous to choose this year’s SD Times 100 — we carefully procession and acknowledge everyone and every organization’s reputation, innovations and direction capabilities along side its products and services. We flip the companies who participated in this year’s file as they forge ahead to relieve the advancement of the software addition industry.”

That’s not quite what I said, but calling me SD Times’ “editorial employer” puts an interesting spin on my role at the newspaper. The story continues,

Continuance named to the SD Times 100 Folder for the fifth year in a row is an honor,” said Mike Laginski, CEO, Klocwork. Our target has always been on the developers and improving their idiosyncratic and pair productivity. Developers don’t wish to wait for a downstream audit or integration cause conversation when they can purchase feedback at once while they’re coding.”

Mr. Laginski probably didn’t say that, at least not in those words. The story goes on…

Klocwork is a valuable provider of static source regulation argument technology for C, C++, C and Java, and the isolated belief with a Connected Desktop Dialogue capability that enables developers to dash the discussion with adequate action occasion good at their desktops, before they check-in their code.

Approximately BZ Media BZ Media LLC(R) ( www.bzmedia.com ) is a high-tech media association combining the capital of print and Web-based publishing, offering industry-leading magazines, newspapers, Lacework sites and conferences. About SD Times BZ Media’s SD Times(R) ( www.sdtimes.com ) is the twice-monthly newspaper of enter for the software adding to industry.

SD Times reaches added than 60,000 subscribers in 131 countries. SD Times was recognized by Media Career Periodical as the fastest-growing IT book in 2007. About Klocwork Klocwork is an enterprise software gathering providing automated source statute debate software products that aggrandize the productivity and agility of C, C++, C, and Java software developers.

Enhanced than 500 customers acquire integrated Klocwork’s automated source rule review tools into their software augmenting action in establishment to lock up their principle is complimentary of mission-critical flaws while freeing their developers to limelight on what they end finest — innovate. Contact Klocwork for deeper dirt at www.klocwork.com or material klocwork.com.

Please do ask Klocwork about the deeper dirt, and also check out News-Computer’s Terms of Service.

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It’s apparently impossible to get the jerks at Vocus Inc. to stop spamming me. My mailbox is filled with messages sent out via their PR spamming service. And now they’re working hard to make sure that you don’t realize that that the spam comes from their company. What a bunch of losers.

I’ve been trying to get Vocus to take me out of their database since April 2009, but to no avail. See three previous posts:

4.29.2009: Can we vaporize Vocus with a medical laser? Please?

5.01.2009: It pays to tweet, and questions for Vocus PR

5.01.2009: Tangible suggestions for Vocus PR

Ready for today’s saga? I was going through my trash mailbox, unsubscribing from PR lists that aren’t relevant; it’s something that gets done every so often. I noticed that a tremendous number of press releases (mostly irrelevant and many coming to email addresses that are inappropriate) containing an identically formatted footer:

If you would rather not receive future communications from xxxx, let us know by clicking here.

with xxxx being the name of the company sending out the press release. The link goes to


What is pr-optout.com, I wondered? Let’s browse over to http://www.pr-optout.com, and see what it says.

PR-optout allows journalists to optout of receiving future press releases sent by a particular company. Within 24 hours of clicking on the optout link at the bottom of the press release, the journalist will be removed from that company’s mailing list.

That’s all it says. Worthless. It doesn’t tell you who is behind it, and how you can get your email address removed from the service entirely (instead of company-by-company). Googling for “pr-optout.com” didn’t help. But a WHOIS search revealed a name that I honestly didn’t expect to see:

Vocus Inc
4296 Forbes Blvd
Lanham, Maryland 20706
United States

Domain Name: PR-OPTOUT.COM
Created on: 21-May-09
Expires on: 21-May-10
Last Updated on: 09-Jun-09

Administrative Contact:
Inc, Vocus
4296 Forbes Blvd
Lanham, Maryland 20706
United States
(301) 459-2590 Fax —

What a scheme! Using this “secret” domain, Vocus can spam you with press releases, and unless you did a WHOIS search, you wouldn’t know that it’s from them!

Back in May, Robin Lane, Director of PR at Vocus, assured me that Vocus would consider my suggestions to add transparency to their system. My suggestions included providing a means for journalists to either opt out of their database entirely, or set up customizable filters to control who can send them press releases. The solution might be to set up a journalist Web portal, or it might merely consist of a more informative footer on Vocus-based emails, telling journalists about their various list-management options.

In fact, in the spirit of cooperation, I offered to help Vocus create such a system. Nothing came of it.

Instead of following through, Vocus added a layer of misdirection. The company, with its new pr-optout.com domain, makes it ever harder for people to get off their stupid spam mailing list. (Some of the email addresses that they’re spamming do not even belong to editorial members of our team. Others are non-journalistic customer-service addresses they’ve apparently harvested from BZ Media’s websites.)

What can you do about it? Nothing, it seems. In May, I was assured me that my addresses would be removed from the Vocus database — yet those same addresses are still receiving tons of Vocus-originated spam. (Robin left Vocus in June.)

If you dig through the company’s website, you’ll find a page describing a so-called “Vocus Journalist Hotline.” The company claims,

If you believe the information in your profile is incorrect or your contact information is out of date, please contact our media research team at email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will be happy to update your profile. We have found that updating a profile is the best way to reduce the volume of off-target PR pitches.

Simply curious about your profile? Call us and we’ll be happy to read your profile to you, or make changes to it so that the pitches you receive are more useful to your writing.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Journalist Hotline at 877-402-5262 or via email at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The company is careful to never offer to take you out of their database. In fact, further down on the page, they say,

In compliance with the law Vocus’ software includes an opt-out mechanism. If you receive irrelevant material you may opt-out of future e-mails from that particular sender. This feature is standard for every client and cannot be disabled.

Removal from that particular sender, yes. From Vocus’s database, no. Based on my past experience with Vocus, you simply can’t get off their list. In the immortal words of Hotel California, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

What a bunch of complete and total losers.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick

Where’s the money in the software business? Increasingly, it’s in the consulting or maintenance contracts or in software rental – anything but in the software itself.

Consulting around enterprise software isn’t new. One of the tenants of the open-source software movement is that software itself should be free – and that customers should pay for support. If you don’t need help with the software, great. If you do need help, well, you can sign up for service contracts, buy a maintenance agreement or engage someone to help you on an hourly basis.

That’s obviously the case with the Big Software Companies, as well. When IBM purchased Lotus Development Corp. in 1995, Big Blue knew that the Notes’ software licenses were only part of the prize. The bigger benefit was that Notes customers would need lots of handholding from IBM Global Services. And indeed, Notes has been a cash cow for IBM ever since.

Where IBM has Global Services, Hewlett-Packard has EDS. HP has expanded its services business tremendously since that purchase a year ago – the point where yesterday, HP decided to abandon the EDS brand. Now, customers will work with HP Enterprise Services.

Dell, too, is getting into the services game in a big way, with its announced acquisition of Perot Systems. In Dell’s case, though, the big payoff would be in increasing its enterprise hardware sales; Dell is not a big fish in the bits business.

Of course, betting your business on selling billable hours instead of billable bits doesn’t always pay off. Sun Microsystems moved aggressively into open source software, giving away nearly all of its crown jewels in the hope that customers would sign up for service contracts. Sun also spent US$1 billion buying MySQL in early 2008, betting big that it could make lots of money on services by giving away even more software. That didn’t work out, and of course, Sun is now in the process of being acquired by Oracle.

As companies like Microsoft look to move big-profit software businesses like Office to the Cloud, renting software by the hour seems to be the next model. Is the era of selling a software license dead? What do you think?

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick

A great way to become a better programmer is to read code. As Andrew Binstock began his most recent Integration Watch column,

The programming section of Reddit occasionally receives posts from comp-sci majors and early entrants into professional programming who want to know about best practices for becoming a great developer. One of the consistent answers from experienced commentators is to read a lot of code.

Andrew shares several anecdotes about how he learned new techniques by reading through other codebases, but his essay reminds me of an experience I had while teaching an undergrad programming course in the early 1980s. You’ve possibly had a similar experience.

A student was implementing a complex numerical algorithm in FORTRAN – I forget what it was – and it just wasn’t working. The program compiled and ran through the data set, but the results weren’t correct. We looked at the source-code printout together, and neither of us could spot the flaw. It was late, and we were tired and frustrated.

Then I had an idea. “Let’s flowchart your code. Not what the algorithm is supposed to be, but what you’ve actually written.”

We didn’t have a whiteboard, so we grabbed some greenbar paper, laid it out on a table, and started freehand drawing boxes, diamonds and arrows. We walked line by line down the recalcitrant routine. The task was straightforward, but took some time. It was a complicated algorithm.

As we neared the end, the light went on. “That arrow’s not supposed to go here. It’s supposed to go there,” the student said. Eureka! Needless to say, the fixes to the code were quite simple, and the next iteration of the program returned the desired results.

Okay, this story isn’t about learning new techniques by reading other peoples’ code. Rather, I’m reminiscing about debugging through a code review. However, the point is that mere reading isn’t always sufficient to provide understanding. Sometimes, you have to interact with the code to truly comprehend what it means.

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Here’s a sales pitch received today, from an account rep we had trouble with at a service provider three years ago. He came off our account shortly thereafter.

Do you think my response involved the “delete” key? If so… you’re right!

Subject: Touching base

It has been some time since we talked. This is [name], formerly from [vendor] – I was hoping to connect with you to see how things have been progressing at BZ Media. Alan, I do recall you not being happy with my level of support while we worked together in the past. Again, was hoping to connect to see if I could raise some awareness around the new organization I am with – perhaps we could be of service to BZ down the road.

Feel free to check us out at [new vendor] – My contact credentials are below as well.

I hope you are well Alan.

Warmest Regards;


Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick

The first question about the new iPod nano is, how did Apple cram so much stuff into a 1.28 ounce (36.4 gram) package?

(Well, actually, now that the iPod nano can serve as a video camera, sound recorder, FM radio and pedometer, as well as an external hard drive, appointment calendar and contact database, the first question should be, “Is it still accurate to call an iPod a music player?”)

Let’s look past the specific models or manufacturers. The amount of technology going into these tiny devices continues to astound and amaze. Look at any of today’s smartphones, like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, or an Android handset. They have large displays, sophisticated user interfaces, powerful microprocessors, lots of RAM, compact batteries, microphones, speakers, and of course, radios operating on the Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular radio bands.

That’s just the hardware. Today’s pocket-sized marvels also contain full-featured operating systems and incredibly sophisticated software stacks, able to run both connected and off-line apps.

In some products, like the iPod nano, the platform is closed. The only way to get new application functionality is for the manufacturer to build it and then push out a firmware upgrade. In other cases, as with many of the industry’s hottest smartphones, there are various models for adding new applications, which run in (we hope) well-crafted sandboxes.

In the enterprise, it’s easy to overlook these devices. Of course, the new iPod nano doesn’t have much of a business case behind it, except as a toy. But let’s not overlook the impact that its bigger cousins are having today. Check your Web server logs – what percentage of your traffic is coming from smartphones? Whether it’s Internet or intranet, that’s only going to go up, up, up. Mobile access and mobile apps are a key part of the future.

Mobile technology is a business enabler, and there’s no going back.

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The same guy — Rev. Dr. Paul Adams — has figured in two separate confidence scam emails. One was received today, claiming to be from the FBI’s Robert Mueller. The other came in on July 30, and was signed by Hillary Clinton.

What are the odds that this is a coincidence?

See the messages at:



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“Made with real cheese!” That’s what it says on the bag of Cheetos Twisted Puffs, which I was cheerfully munching last night. “We grow the best snacks on Earth!” adds the brightly colored packaging from Frito Lay, which manufactures the tasty treat.

General hilarity ensured when I read the ingredients out loud. Here’s what it says, with added line breaks to improve readability.


Enriched Corn Meal (Corn Meal, Ferrous Sulfate, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid),

Vegetable Oil (Contains One or More of the Following: Corn, Soybean, or Sunflower Oil),

Cheese Seasoning (Whey, Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes], and Less Than 2% of the Following: Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Maltodextrin, Disodium Phosphate, Sour Cream [Cultured Cream, Nonfat Milk], Artificial Flavor, Monosodium Glutamate, Lactic Acid, Artificial Color [Including Yellow 6], Citric Acid),

and Salt.

Contains Milk Ingredients.

Whoever knew that Cheese Seasoning was such a complicated product? Now you know.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick

Note symptoms. Search for them on Google. Download update or apply fix. Test results. Rinse, repeat. Wait for the next problem to appear.

That’s been my life for the past several days, after updating my MacBook Pro to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the minor update to Apple’s desktop operating system.

Snow Leopard came out last Friday, Aug. 28, and I received my copy on Saturday. There are some nice benefits to Snow Leopard, and the update didn’t take long to install. The new software generally worked well right out of the box. Even so, I’ve spent quite a lot of time fixing things, including one critical app that simply didn’t work. I’ve been installing updates to utilities and diagnosing performance problems ever since.

Bear in mind that Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” truly is a very minor update, that Macs have a tiny market share in the enterprise, and I’m an unabashed Mac expert who can solve all these problems on my own.

Now imagine what happens when Windows 7 hits the market. Granted, many organizations are going to be slow and cautious when updating their Windows Vista and Windows XP machines to Windows 7. That’s the way it should be. Even so, any end-user upgrade means headaches for IT administrators, help-desk staff – and software companies and enterprise software developers. And what about your customers? You can’t control their rollout schedule.

BZ Media is a mixture of Macs and Windows. For the most part, individuals can choose which platform to use. The Macs are split, with most running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, but there are still some on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. The Windows machines are mainly Windows XP Professional, though there are a small handful of Windows Vista desktops.

Like other companies, we suffer the pains of upgrading, not just with specific desktop applications and utilities that we use, but even with Web-based applications. It’s particularly painful when we’re working with a third-party Web application which has become essential to part of our operations, whether it’s the hosted CRM system that our salespeople use, or the digital page previewing system at SD Times’ printing plant.

These days, regression testing and rollout schedules are often predicated as much on how websites perform as well as anything else, because different browsers act differently on different operating systems. We had one case where we had to delay the Leopard upgrade because a hosted Web app simply wasn’t ready – and this caused real problems for new users, because their machines came pre-installed with Leopard.

It’s a headache of the first order. My Snow Leopard experience sucked up some time, but as the designated guinea pig, I’ve taken careful notes, and further deployments will be faster. Everything important is working okay now. Even so, I’m sure a major “gotcha” will show up.

Just wait until Windows 7 shows up – not just on our own company desktops and notebooks, but initially for SD Times readers who might experience issues accessing sdtimes.com’s functionality.

Operating system upgrades. Get ready for the coming storm.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick