Richard wants to make a reservation… what’s the scam?

Where’s the scam here? This messages, like many scam message, came in from one free email service (Yahoo), but has a reply-to address at another (Gmail). I believe the Yahoo addresses was forged. The recipient list was suppressed, and it came to one of my personal email addresses.

How’s this scam work, do you think? What’s the deal?

From: “Richard Edward”
Subject: Hotel Accommodation Booking !!!

Dear Sir/Ma

I am Richard Edward, Me and my family are coming to your country to spend the our holiday and we will like you accommodate in your Hotel,we will like to make the booking as soon as possible,I want to know if you can accommodate us as follow,we are coming to your country to spend the holiday with the below rooms.

Me & My Wife (Mr & Mrs Edward ) ———- Double Room
My Sons ( James & Theo ) ——— Double Room
Daughter ( Rachael ) ——Single Room

The room will be 2-Double room and 2-Single Room,Make the booking and get back to me with the total cost,also confirm to me if you accept credit card (Master,Visa) for the full payment before arrival. Get back to me now with the booking details so as to send you details of booking, Checkin and Out Date.

I will be expecting your reply soon !!!

Best Regard

Richard Edward

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