The customer name is right in the database… but is spelled wrong on screen

When checking one of my bank accounts, I noted that my surname displayed on the welcome screen was misspelled, as “Zeicnick.”

I wrote to the bank’s customer service dept., thinking that my name was somehow wrong in the account database. The reply came in under 30 minutes, which is impressive.

The response, however, is puzzling.

Dear Alan,

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry about the incorrect name.

Upon review, I found that your name is listed correctly in our systems and only the information displayed on the webpage is incorrect. I can assure you that your name that is listed on your online profile will not impact your accounts.

I forwarded your inquiry to our technical team so that your online profile may be corrected. You will receive an email when this update has been processed.

Thank you,

How do you think this could happen? It’s not like I provided my name separately when setting up the online access to my account, and might have typed it wrong at that time. Rather, the name field was auomatically populated when I entered my account number. It’s an interesting puzzle.

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