Happy BZ Media Day! It’s been ten years!

Ten years ago, Ted Bahr and I decided to launch a company together. That company, of course, is BZ Media. Today is one of our two key anniversary dates.

April 30, 1999: We decide to start a publishing company. We didn’t know the name of the company. We didn’t know what we’d do — whether it would be print, online-only, events-focused, or what.

February 23, 2000: The cover date of the debut issue of our flagship publication (and first product), SD Times.

What a wonderful decade it’s been, and business keeps getting better. Here are some historical documents:

July 30, 1999: Experienced High-Tech Publishing Team Launches New Media Company

October 7, 1999: SD Times Brings Immediacy to the Software Development Marketplace

October 10, 2001: SD Times Honored for General Excellence

January 14, 2002: By Combining Print and Digital Versions, SD Times Makes Publishing History

The terrible picture is from March 6, 2000. (I’m the good-looking one.)

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick
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  1. David Rubinstein
    David Rubinstein says:

    Let’s Do Launch! That was taken in the back room of the Harborside in Oyster Bay (BEFORE they opened that beautiful outdoor patio area overlooking the parking lot behind the firehouse!)
    I still have the shirt, and wear it proudly!

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