Why do I keep flying United Airlines?

Why do stick with United? Good question. It’s clear that I’m not happy with the airline, as you can see from my recent posts about their credit-card-only flights, changed frequent flier rules and new baggage limitations. Why do I stay there?

It’s not a loyalty thing. I only fly United if the schedule is right and if the fare is competitive. Frequently, you’ll see me on American Airlines and Southwest, and occasionally on Continental or Delta. For the most part, those other carriers aren’t any better than United.

That said, I fly United more often than any other carrier. Three reasons:

1. Their flight schedule out of my home airport, San Francisco International, offers a lot of flexibility, as SFO is a major United hub. Particularly, they have oodles of non-stops.

2. Their fares are often the lowest for the flights I want.

3. I’ve accumulated so many points in their Mileage Plus frequent flier program that I get superior service as a Premiere Executive flier. That includes upgrades to Business Class, priority status for standbys, and at SFO at least, a very short security-clearance line.

Do I wish United was better? Certainly, and when a better choice presents itself, I take it.

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