The most creative class titles at STPCon

Alan’s informal Most Creative Class Titles award goes to … drum roll please … Robin Goldsmith!

Robin is a very creative thinker, as well as a top test/QA expert. He’s teaching a full-day tutorial at STPCon (Sept. 24-26 in Boston), as well as six one-hour technical classes. Okay, the title of the Wednesday tutorial is rather bland, “Measuring and Improving Your Test Processes.” But look at the full roster!

I like classes #401 and #505 particularly! Maybe some of my team should take #401…

#T-2 Measuring and Improving Your Test Processes
#104 Overcoming Requirements-Based Testing’s Hidden Pitfalls
#205 How to Test the Untestable
#307 Exploratory Testing: Not Just Parlor Tricks
#401 Help Your Boss Avoid Being an Idiot
#505 I Went to This Conference and All they Talked About Was Requirements
#606 Software Process Improvement’s Dirty Little Secret

Registration for STPCon is now open — sign up early to get the “eXtreme Early Bird” discount!

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  1. MGoBlue93
    MGoBlue93 says:

    Robin is a very creative thinker

    Robin is a lot of things… ill-informed, inexperienced, and sets back contemporary software engineering decades with his clueless rants that “testing up front is weak because it doesn’t focus on requirements.”

    HUH??? TDD is totally about keeping the development team focused on requirements.

    If you go to one of Robin’s presentations, be sure to bring a buzzword bingo board!

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