Here comes Karl Fischer, in the latest version of the domain scam

In the domain scam, someone claims to be a domain registrar, warning you that someone is trying to register one of your trademarks overseas, and giving you the “opportunity” to contest it.

If you respond, the scammer will either register the domain and then try to sell it to you, or will tell you that there’s a fee of some sort to protect your domain and brand name. I wrote about one version of this scam last week.

In another version, you’re warned that a guy named Karl Fischer is trying to register your trademarks. I’ve received this identical scam about several unrelated domains a few times this past week. That Fischer guy gets around! Here’s one of them. Don’t fall for it.

Dear Manager,

Asia Network is the company of internet services that the domain registration is one of the major online style of our service range. Now we have something need to confirm with you. We hope you to cooperate with us. On May/22 2008, we received an application from one person named “Karl Fischer” who wants to register some domains(list of domains)and internet brand(brand). According to our investigation, we found that domain names have relevance to your company’s name and trademark, so we send this email for you to confirm it. We are dealing with this affair in these days, so we wish to get the confirmation and the assent of your company. If Karl Fischer doesn’t belong to your company and you don’t authorize him to register these domains, Pls contact with me asap in order to prevent some guy from abusing your trademarks and the company names. In addition, I must state that we have time limited for one person or one company’s registration. It is just 15 days. If your company files doesn’t resent within the time limited. We will unconditionally authorized the application of Karl Fischer. Thank you for your cooperate.

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  1. Trevarno
    Trevarno says:

    I received this stupid email, almost fell for it but something kept niggling me. Like this is not the way thing are usually done. Why would a registrar of domain names bother to tell me that some was trying to register. Your post just confirmed this?



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