Head-to-head review of Java IDEs

In this week’s InfoWorld, Andrew Binstock (a columnist for SD Times, as well as a technology analyst) wrote a powerful head-to-head review of Java integrated development environments.

Andrew looked at Borland/CodeGear’s JBuilder 2007 Enterprise Edition, IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 7.0 (what a terrible name) and Sun’s NetBeans 5.5.

I heartily recommend this article for two reasons. First, if you’re shopping for a Java IDE, this is a definitive resource. Second, if you’re curious how real experts evaluate development tools, there’s no finer reviewer than Andrew Binstock.

Andrew and I chatted several times during during the evaluation process, and I was continually impressed not only with the depth of his knowledge, but his genuine commitment to doing a thorough job on this product evaluation.

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