Hurray! I’m 186! I’m 186!

Break out the bubbly! My blog, Z Trek, has made the “Top 200 Tech Blogs: The Datamation 2009 List,” published on Monday.

My humble blog scored #186, with the description:

186) Z Trek: The Alan Zeichick Weblog
IT, software development, security, and networking, with a touch of humor from the Bay Area consultant-editor.

Yay, me! You can see the page with my recognition (covering 169-189) here.

I’m even more excited for my dear friend Esther Schindler, whose blog outranked mine — and deservedly so. You can see her at #112 here.

Do I pick up the award in Oslo?

(Can’t believe that Z Trek beat Pogue’s Posts, #190, and the Scobleizer, #200, both of which are fantastic. Wow.)

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick
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  1. McWong
    McWong says:

    Dude! COngrats!

    Congrats to them, actually, they’re clearly smart enough to recognize a great blogger when they see one!

    mac mccarthy

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