Spam Scam Watch — a new home for spammy scammy emails

For several years, I’ve been sharing e-mail spam scams with my ZTrek blog readers. The primary reason has been to warn people against responding to such messages.

My hope is that when people receive questionable messages, they’re enter some parts of it into their favorite search engine — and my blog will come up. By seeing that I’ve received an identical message, the recipient will be assured that the message is indeed a scam.

My spam scam warnings work. I’m delighted to receive comments from those who have discovered my blog — and found that the “offer too good to be true” is indeed a scam.

However, some regular blog readers have asked me to post those messages elsewhere. They would prefer that my ZTrek blog can continue focusing on software development, technology and other topics, and not be filled up with “noise” in the form of verbatim scam messages.

I’d like to thank those who suggested this, because I took your advice. In June, I started a new blog called Spam Scam Watch, and it’s at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

While it may take some time to become prominent in search-engine rankings — ZTrek does quite well — I hope that the Spam Scam Watch blog will continue to fulfill this important need.

You can help me by linking to Scam Scam Watch from your own blog. It is a commercial-free and ad-free blog, so I would appreciate the favor.

For those of you who have read and commented on my scam postings over the years — thank you. I hope you keep following them in their new home.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick