A gift diop by any other name would still be a scam

This one is just charming. Don’t respond, don’t be fooled into providing any bank information to scammers.

From: Gift Diop

Good day,

How are you doing today? my name is Miss gift diop a citizen of Kenya living in Dakar Senegal,i’m 24 years old girl still single, please i need your help, I inherited the sum of US$7M(Seven Million United States Dollars) from my late Father which he deposited in Bank before he died, he was a very rich and wealthy Limestone,soda Merchant in our Capital City Nairobi Kenya also a business Man before his Death,

I am looking for a reliable and honest foreign partner who can assist me to retrieve and invest this money into a profitable venture. l am living as a refugee l cannot transfer this money myself and this is why I needed a trust worthy partner to help me out.

l am willing to give you 30% commission out of the total money once you assist me transfer the money from the bank in abroad.this is a very serious matter,

l will want you to be honest with me please that is all l need from you,

please kindly forward your full contact Details to me like your full Name Address your Phone and Fax No your Bank Account Details l am waiting for your responses. contact me back through my Email address for more details

gift diop

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  1. Nosotros
    Nosotros says:

    Alan: I follow your blog and I like all your technology-related posts. Would it be possible to post these scam-related entries in a different blog? I’m not really interested in those. Thanks!

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