An email almost too weird to blog

It’s almost too weird to blog. Most of the junk bulk messages I receive are easily classifiable: phishing attempts, spam, 419s, viruses and so-on. This message, which came to one of our info@ addresses, is just weird. “Oliver” sent it using classic spam-broadcasting techniques, from a disguised server, and from an invalid return email address.

Subj: My resume, China business 2009322109341晖烫

Please reply to [address], please don’t use the reply button. Recently, I am re-organizing my contact list in my database and sometimes I may sent to you duplicate messages, please do forgive this and hope we can work together in the future. Thank you very much.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have worked as China Marketing / Sales manager for USB, Willburt Companies during 2003 to 2007, I have built up a distributor network and provide the technical / sale support for the distributors. From October 2007 to August 2008, I worked for a UK company, Action Logistics, as their contact person in China, helping them to build up an agent network and an out sourcing network for their furniture supply chain project. I have extensive knowledge of the Chinese culture, language, business behavior, and the personal relationships while I have educated and worked in the western countries for many years (since 1997).

My working experience in the Chinese government and SOE gave me in-depth understanding of the economic. social, structural development and trends both short term prediction and long term planning. After my graduation from my first university in 1984, I was assigned to the Ministry of Material and Equipment due to my excellent performance, and I have worked there from 1984 to 1990). the Ministry has gone through many changes, eventually, it merged with the Ministry of Commerce and the Development and Reform Commission.

I am also a very good writer and a poet (my poem was pretty famous during the late 80s (my work has been selected in some of the anthology too). I made many speeches during in the meetings, seminars, the number of my audience sometime exceed one thousand. I have edited and wrote for some of the internal publications during my years working in Beijing. Today, I can even find an article introducing me as one of the contemporary poets in China. I also find one of my book in the library of University of Toronto.

I believe I have the necessary experience to work on the distribution / sourcing network and sales activities for you especially for the long term future. My years of working experience and education (I have a degree in Economics, a diploma in Engineering, an advanced business English, and a MBA equivalent with Tsinghua University) will be an asset of your business development in China. If I am given an opportunity, I will return with a resultful good work. I will appreciate the opportunity you are offering and keep up to your higher expectations.

Thank you very much. Look forward to a favorable reply.

Kind Regards,