Suzanne Vega’s "Tom’s Essay"

I’m a big fan of singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega. That meant a major disappointment last May, when she came to the IMAC Theater, within walking distance of our Huntington, N.Y., headquarters office, to kick off her most recent tour… but on a date when I couldn’t be in New York. Dang!

Tom’s Essay,” Suzanne’s blog post in today’s New York Times, describes the history of her song “Tom’s Diner.” It also discusses how that song may be the driving impetus for the creation of the MP3 audio standard. Fascinating!

“Tom’s Diner” is the lead song from Suzanne’s 1987 album, “Solitude Standing.” She wrote a blog post about “Luka,” the other big hit single from that album, for the New York Times back in June.

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