The HP Oracle Database Machine

In a keynote address to nearly 43,000 OpenWorld attendees, Oracle Chief Executive Officer, Larry Ellison unveiled the HP Oracle Database Machine, a system designed for extreme performance data warehouses…

Thus begins a press release from Oracle. I had thought about writing a blog entry that makes fun of the name, “the HP Oracle Database Machine,” but that would be too easy, far beneath my dignity.

Instead, I’ll just sit here in front of my Dell Liquid Crystal Display Machine, which is connected to my Apple Notebook Computing Machine, while listening to songs playing on my Apple Portable Music Playing Machine, and think about something else to write about.

Kidding aside, HP and Oracle have come up with a pretty impressive system. The Database Machine is a full 42U rack filled with with eight HP ProLiant DL360 servers running Oracle Database 11g, along with 14 HP ProLiant DL180 servers (aka “Oracle Exabyte Storage Servers”). Total capacity: 168 terabytes.

Here’s a “supporting quote” helpfully supplied by Orcle’s media relations team:

“For the first time, customers can get smart performance storage designed for Oracle data warehouses, that is ten times faster,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

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