IP Man – Cute comic strip, but poor implementation

The Adventures of IP Man is the new comic strip put out by Broadvox, a VoIP company. Designed, of course, to promote the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol Technology, the strip is cutely drawn, but shallow and unsubtle.

Our superhero, IP Man, and his simian sidekick, Metoo, take on the evil Mr. Bellhead — a Darth Vader lookalike who loves circuit-switched networks — and his minions, Noise and Jitter. The strip has a few jokes, breaks the fourth wall (as Mr. Bellhead appeals to “Mr. Comicwriter Man” for an army of clones), and a 100% male cast.

Sadly, Broadvox made the implementation of the IP Man site far too complicated. It’s very “flashy,” which makes it slow and tedious to read the comic. Frankly, just displaying each comic book episode as a series of multi-strip HTML pages would be far more friendly. Oh, lose the cheesy background music, okay?

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick