I love the Lotus Esprit, and so do Daily Telegraph readers

Last week, I mentioned a story in the Daily Telegraph, which presented the 100 ugliest cars based on a reader poll.

It turns out the the British newspaper had already done its list of “the 100 most beautiful cars of all time: Beauties and beasts” in March.
On the whole, I’m pleased with their readers’ taste.

My favorite car, the Lotus Esprit, was placed quite well on the list. I fell in love with the flat-windscreen sportscar in the early 1980s, when I spent many months in Glasgow, Scotland. There was a Lotus dealer just down the street. I must have left a lot of marks on their plate-glass windows whenever we walked by.

Check out the list! It’s a good read, even if the Telegraph’s page navigation system is suboptimal.

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