Easy as ABC: Listen to Alan, Bola and Clive

Your humble blogger was a guest on a podcast hosted by Bola Rotibi, principle analyst for software delivery at MWD Advisors. Here’s how they describe this fascinating, must-listen program:

In this 33’06” podcast episode Bola discusses a series of questions focused on the issue of making the right technology choices. Her guests are Alan Zeichick (Editorial Director at SD Times) and Clive Howard (Founding Partner of Howard/Baines, a web development consultancy).

In an environment where software is everywhere and increasingly business critical, but where new technologies and approaches appear on the horizon at an alarming rate – when organisations look to carry out projects, are the right technology choices being made, and if not, why not? And who’s to blame? What can organisations do to help them make better technology choices?

You can download the audio here or alternatively you can subscribe to the podcast feed to make sure you catch this and all future podcasts!

As with all the episodes in this podcast series, we’ve also published a companion report which summarises the discussion and “key takeaways”. You can find it here, and it’s free to download for all MWD’s Guest Pass research subscribers (joining is free).

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick