Blogger still thinks this is a spam blog

For the past week, every time I post on the blog, I’ve been told that Blogger has received my Aug. 19 request for a human review of the blog (see “Google Spam Blog update“).

Today, we’re back to square one. Blogger has again forgotten about the Aug. 19 request. Blogger has again told me that Z Trek appears to be a spam blog. I must again fill out a form to request a human review.

This will now be my fourth request for a review. For the fourth time, I’m assured:

Request Received

We have received your request for a review to verify that your blog is not a spam blog. Someone will look over your blog and respond to [my email address]

I haven’t received a response yet. What are the odds this time?

You can read the first post in this thread here, and learn about Google’s Spam blog policies here. This all started in early August, when Google accidentally labeled many blogs as spam blogs.

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  1. David M. Kalman
    David M. Kalman says:

    I’ve run headlong into this same cement wall at They “removed” my blog and there’s no way to contact anyone. This is the worst user experience imaginable. (I’m a new Blogger user to boot). How do we throw some weight around over at Google? Do you have any connections?

  2. David M. Kalman
    David M. Kalman says:

    I was thinking that I’d try to connect with a VP product manager at Google about this issue.

    What do you think of that idea? I have one guy in my sights, who is a 3rd degree connection on LinkedIn.

    Do you think that would be a responsible use of a LinkedIn introduction, to basically tell a guy that his service SUCKS and that he needs to do something about it?

    Dave Kalman

  3. Lew
    Lew says:

    Every other week they lock my blog and it takes an entire week to get it reviewed and unlocked. 50% of time my blog is locked. I guess I should find another host, but I have 326 posts. This really STICKS!

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