Instantiations offers migration strategy for Agitar customers

As reported on Monday, it appears like Agitar is winding down their business. At least, that’s what their message to creditors states.

One company’s misfortune is another’s opportunity. Instantiations is the first test-tool maker I’ve seen to directly address the uncertainty that Agitar’s customers must be feeling, and so today they’re offering a trade-in program.

According to Instantiations president Mike Taylor, Agitar customers can exchange a license of AgitarOne for a license for his company’s CodePro AnalytiX software for only the cost of CodePro’s annual maintenance.

More about the offer is on the Instantiations Web site.

Note that Agitar still has not acknowledged any of this on its own Web site, where it looks like business as usual. The company also has not responded to our calls.

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