Today is the eighth anniversary of the launch of BZ Media’s SD Times. Hard to believe sometimes!

The first issue of the newspaper was dated Feb. 23, 2000. It was followed by Mar. 15, then Apr. 1, and so-on; we’ve been on a first-and-fifteenth schedule ever since. Traditionally, we celebrate anniversaries with the Feb. 15th issue.

Our cover stories eight years ago (you can download the issue if you’d like, or click the graphic to see a larger cover):

• eXcelon, CSI Form XML Alliance
• Compuware Puts New Face on Uniface
• Sun Targets Internet Appliances with J2ME

No .NET, no Eclipse, no Mac OS X, no, no SOA. Google wasn’t even a blip. Solaris 8 had just started shipping. We wondered if Linux would shatter Windows 2000, and explored the ramifications about embedding ads in applications as part of a new business model.

The cover stories in the current issue:

• Nokia Buys Trolltech
• ISVs Urged to Boost Security
• Sun SPOTs Promise Pervasive Computing

Happy anniversary!

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick
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