Which MP3 player would you like: a Zune, a Zen or an iPod?

When we do research studies at BZ Media, we often offer an incentive to people who take part in the study. If they choose, they may be entered into a drawing for a small prize.

We’ve offered several prizes, including gift cards, but the one that seems to interest the most people is an iPod. (Some people do not wish to enter the drawing, perhaps because they work for someplace where this prohibited, such as the military or the government.)

I’ve lost track of how many iPods we’ve given away.

With that in mind, we wondered: is the iPod still a great prize? On our most recent BZ Research study, we gave respondents a choice, written as follows:

Would you like to be entered into a drawing to win a 4GB Microsoft Zune (US$149 retail value), a 4GB Apple iPod nano (US$149 value), or a 4GB Creative Zen V+ (US$179 value)?

We chose those particular models so as to ensure we picked relatively comparable prizes, in terms of price and specifications.

To make a long story short, the results we as follows:

Yes, I want the iPod: 51.7%
Yes, I want the Zen: 20.6%
Yes, I want the Zune: 15.5%
No, thank you: 12.5%

Looking at it another way, of those who said that they’d like to enter the drawing, the results were:

Yes, I want the iPod: 58.8%
Yes, I want the Zen: 23.5%
Yes, I want the Zune: 17.7%

Clearly, the iPod was the most popular prize.

To validate the responses, we put a poll up on SDTimes.com last week, asking people, “If you could choose to receive one of these three MP3 music players as a gift, which would you want?” The results were:

4GB Apple iPod nano: 68%
4GB Microsoft Zune: 16%
4GB Creative Zen V+: 15%

The answers were even more heavily weighted in terms of the iPod, with the Zune and Zen coming in nearly neck and neck — a statistical tie. Still, the answer is clear: Most people in our sample demographic – software development managers – want iPods, not the alternatives.

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  1. David Dossot
    David Dossot says:

    I find interesting the way the term “iPod” means “MP3 Player” for my kids the same way “Walkman” meant a portable cassette player for me, when I was a teen.

    Apple, like Sony, succeeded in creating a brand that can be used in lieu of the common name ; probably thanks to the meeting of good design, smart marketing and an easy to pronounce name.

  2. Alan Zeichick
    Alan Zeichick says:

    Another company name that’s becoming synonymous with a product category: Garmin for GPS.

    The company has done a tremendous job of branding, particularly with TV ads.

    A colleague e-mailed me earlier this week, “I’m thinking of getting a Garmin for my husband for Christmas. Which one should I get?”

  3. Rael
    Rael says:

    Cool study. MOre or less, those 3 are the closer competitor, although
    ConsumerSearch has decided the iRiver Clix is arguably better than the Zune.
    Hey! What do you think: is there a way of knowing what wouldve happen to the Zune had people not known its from Microsoft (I mean would people buy it in an attempt to hurt uppercrust Apple, or would people totally ignore it)? Do you smell
    a research paper here ;-)…

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