Maybe branding isn’t dead, Ted Bahr says

Maybe we’re ready to move beyond the “Revenge of the Sock Puppet” phase of anti-branding.

That’s what Ted Bahr, the “B” of BZ Media, writes in his new blog on
In “Maybe Branding Isn’t Dead,” Ted ponders a possible backlash against the it-must-generate-sales-leads, it-must-be-digital, it-must-be-measurable obsession of Internet advertising. How are you supposed to generate sales leads if nobody knows who or what you are?

Lead-generation campaigns don’t build awareness, and they don’t create demand. Yes, lead generation is a key part of a sales-and-marketing program. But it’s the sales part. It’s not the marketing part.

Folio Magazine, published by Red 7 Media, is the magazine for the magazine publishing industry. I’m personally delighted that they’ve invited my business partner to blog as part of the Folio Magazine Web site relaunch. It was a great choice.

Although Ted’s role on BZ Media is on the sales/publishing side, not editorial, he’s a heck of a good writer, and his knowledge of the publishing industry is second to nobody.

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  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    Alan, day by day, both you and Ted are becoming a strange new hybrid of blogger with the perspective that so many younger bloggers lack; you’ve got one eye on “does this really matter” and another on “what’s next.” And I suppose it goes without saying that your third eye would be on Shrek. Keep it up.

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