Saving big with a Brita 4-pack

It pays to comparison shop!

I tend to buy a lot from No shipping charges, no sales tax, and generally prices that are either the lowest or just about… it’s hard to get better than that, particularly if you’re lazy.

So, it happened that we ran out of cartridges for the office’s Brita water filter pitcher. We love the pitcher. Not only do we use it for room-temperature drinking water, but we also use it to fill the hot-water maker and coffee maker.

Does Amazon have cartridges? You bet. In fact, it has a whole variety of cartridge packs. The fine folks at Brita offer the identical pitcher filter cartridges in 1-packs, 3-packs, 4-packs, 5-packs, 6-packs and 10-packs. That seems like overkill, but if Brita wants to make lots of SKUs, that’s their business.

Now, if you would think that the 10-pack would be the best deal, you would be wrong.

As of today (Oct. 4), here’s the pricing for the filters direct from Amazon:

1-pack: $9.99
3-pack: $17.99 = $6.00/each
4-pack: $22.99 = $5.75/each
5-pack: $29.99 = $6.00/each
6-pack: $34.99 = $5.83/each
10-pack: $57.99 = $5.80/each

I ordered three 4-packs, which should last a couple of years, and called it a day. After all, I saved a whole dollar over buying two 6-packs.

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