Because the American Thanksgiving holiday is happening on November 23, we’re not publishing our SD Times News on Thursday this week. So, no “Zeichick’s Take” column.

In lieu of this, here are my thoughts on two stories in yesterday’s SD Times News on Monday:

In “Salesforce Raking in the Revenue,” Jeff Feinman (the newest member of our reporting team) cites the dot-com’s 57% year-on-year revenue increase, reaching US$130 million for the quarter. However, earning per share are flat. If you read the financials, you see over and over again phrases like “earnings likely be impacted by the effects of stock-based compensation.” In other words, the company appears to be enriching its managers and key employees, at the expense of its non-employee stockholders.

In “Borland Releases Rebuilt JBuilder,” Jennifer deJong talks about the company’s reimagining of its popular Java IDE. JBuilder 2007, of course, will soon be a part of CodeGear, which will spin off from Borland as a wholly owned subsidiary focused on IDEs and developers tools. JBuilder has an incredibly loyal audience, and I believe that CodeGear can successfully differentiate JBuilder from the other Eclipse-based Java IDEs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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