The latest edition of Eclipse Review is out: Subscribers should be receiving it in their physical or virtual mailbox this week. However, even if you’re not a subscriber, you can download the full issue as a PDF right now.

There’s lots of goodness in this issue:

27 Must-Have Eclipse Plug-Ins. Rick Wayne takes you on a scenic tour of his favorite add-ins, covering language support, modeling, UI design, integration, frameworks, and much more.

SOAP? XML? WSDL? Java? Eclipse!! You can leverage Web services using the Eclipse Web Tools Platform, as Christopher Judd demonstrates.

Improving Code With Static Analysis. Steve Gütz teaches you how to defeat code defects by leveraging Eclipse’s Test & Performance Tools Platform.

AJAX Meets JavaServer Faces. Max Katz shows how you can use component-based development for building “Web 2.0”-style rich Internet applications.

Plus, we have the latest tools and technologies for Eclipse users, a story about how the Wolfram Workbench IDE was created, a primer on the Data Tools Platform, news from the Eclipse Foundation about RCP adoption, and more…

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