Bruce Schneier goes to British Telecom

Yesterday, BT acquired Centerpane Internet Security, best known as the home of Bruce Schneier, one of the top computer-security experts in our industry today. Bruce, who founded Counterpane, will stay on as CTO. I’m sure that was a key part of the deal. While Centerpane has an impressive gallery of services clients, the real asset is Bruce himself.

Bruce’s classic, Secrets & Lies, is required reading for anyone concerned about software security. If you’re into crypto, his Practical Cryptography (co-authored with Niels Ferguson) is also good, although it’s biased toward Bruce’s own algorithms and against more commonly used ones. A better book for C programmers is his Applied Cryptography. I’ve not read his latest, Beyond Fear.

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  1. lupus
    lupus says:

    Re Beyond Fear: Do read it. You will be angered and frustrated, but also uplifted. It’s the thinking person’s answer to the scare tactics promulgated for so long, by both sides of the aisle. If we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country I’d loan you mine.

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