A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I’m at that stage of my nascent blogging career. Two friends, upon hearing about my blog, suggested that I add a link to its XML feed to the blog page.

Sounds easy, I thought. The software supports syndication feeds, and there’s a convenient CSS stylesheet. How hard can that be?

It only took a few minutes to find the right spot in the stylesheet and insert the link and descriptive text. Which I spelled wrong. (Did any of you see the site during the half-hour with the glaring error?) Then I found a nice graphic that says RSS and inserted it instead of the descriptive text. Nerdvana.

Only to be told by one of my friends, Larry O’Brien, “Yours is not an RSS feed but the competitive Atom format.” That’s embarrassing. But now we have a working syndication feed and the right graphic. I hope.

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