The scammer has a modesty obligation

This seems legit… Not. What made it worth sharing was the opening, “It’s my modesty obligation…” It’s that obligation that will ensure the hitch free transfer of our fund, of course. That doesn’t explain why someone at the United Nations uses a Hong Kong email address for official business, though. Or why someone at a Federal Reserve Bank (in New York City, USA) would use gmail.

Don’t reply to such emails; just ignore and delete them.

From: “Mrs. Mohini Rothad” email hidden; JavaScript is required
Subject: (UNCCP) Completion!
Date: September 22, 2018 at 12:29:06 AM MST
To: Recipients email hidden; JavaScript is required
Reply-To: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Good Day!

It’s my modesty obligation to write this letter to you, I work as public relation representative for United Nations Compensation Commission Department (UNCCP) I was assigned to write this important letter to you regarding your unpaid long awaited funds. The United States Government in Conjunction with International Monetary Fund Office and United Nations Organization have come together and agreed to pay all outstanding Debts such as Unpaid Inheritance, Contracts, Lotteries and compensations funds, using the approved Foreign Exchange Allocation Order (FEAO) to clear all outstanding payment with immediate effect with the help of our banks in New York City, USA.

United Nations Compensation Department have officially authorized Federal Reserve Bank of New York City, to debit their reserve account with them to the amount of US$15,000,000 only and credit your designated bank account of your choice. All the documents for your fund is been attached to your payment file with the credited payment officer at the paying bank, authorization letter and transfer permit has been obtained from the United States Clearing House for immediate transfer of your fund as soon as you establish contact with the bank.

To ensure hitch free for the transfer of your fund, a bank guarantee letter / promissory note was acquired from the Supreme Court of New York City. The accredited payment officer Mr. Jamal Ahmad have confirmed that all the necessary requirements for the onward crediting of your fund and he verified that you are required to pay the bank logistics / handling / exchange rate fee calculated to be total sum of US$485 only. The fee was stated on the guarantee letter to be the only monetary responsibility that will be requested from you until the final remittance is made into your bank account.

Furthermore, to facilitate the remittance of your fund, you are hereby advice to contact the paying bank with your personal information such as name, phone number, home address for verifying and authenticity of the formal information for onward rectification.

The bank information to use contact the accredited payment officer is provided as follow; Bank name: Federal Reserve Bank, Contact Person: Mr. Jamal Ahmad and Email address is email hidden; JavaScript is required

Thanks, and we urge you to commence communication with the bank at your own convenience time and should you need further directives or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned person.

Mrs. Mohini Rothad
Public Relations Representative
United Nations Compensation Commission.
Tel: (307) 309-2667