Trashing my extensive restaurant portfolio

refuseHere’s today’s mis-directed sales pitch. It was good for a laugh, if nothing else.

From: Jefrey Heath

Subject: Regarding your garbage removal

Hi Alan,

May I get on your schedule for 5-minute telephone call to discuss reducing your restaurant portfolio’s Waste Removal spend by 30%-50% without even changing haulers?

I’m with Refuse Specialists, the industry’s leading expert in reducing Waste Removal spend and we exclusively help Peet’s Coffee, McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Long John Silvers, Tavistock Restaurants and other restaurant groups within Colliers International’s portfolio increase their profits by significantly lowering Waste Removal costs. I thought you would be interested in discussing the same results for your restaurant organization.

Refuse Specialists is a waste removal consulting firm comprised of former veteran waste hauling executives from the industry’s largest providers. Our experts use their extensive knowledge of the waste removal business to develop the best possible costing scenario for each individual property by reviewing service levels, equipment and current contracts. We also leverage our portfolio and extensive relationships with every waste hauler in the industry to negotiate, audit, and manage the most financially beneficial agreements for our clients. Typically Refuse Specialists reduce waste hauling expenses by a gross average of 42% for our clients without changing haulers and we guarantee a minimum 10% cost savings. We deliver these savings at zero cost and zero risk to you as we are only compensated if and when we save our client’s money.

Are you free for a 5 minute call?


Jef Heath