Google I/O and Apple WWDC are hot

Holy Sellouts, Batman! I received an email from Apple at 6:44am Pacific time on Wednesday, April 25:

WWDC2012. Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. June 11-15 in San Francisco. It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for. Register now!

A little more than an hour later, I clicked the link. On the WWDC page, a box said

Sorry, tickets are sold out.

That’s par for the course for Apple’s WWDC. The same thing happened in 2011, and in previous years as well, especially since the introduction of iOS. And at Google I/O, which similarly sold in half an hour when tickets became available on March 26. Google’s conference is June 27-29, also in San Francisco.

Clearly, there’s something driving developers to focus on mobile. As you can see in a recent study on enterprise developers that we did at BZ Research, more than half of organizations are building mobile apps. While there are plenty of enterprise developers at conferences like Apple WWDC or Google I/O, there are also many entrepreneurial developers hoping to come up with the next Angry Birds.

As we prepare to hold our own mobile developer conferences for Android and Windows Phone app developers, it’s exciting to see this much activity in the development market.

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