Computer Associates does it again

Computer Associates. CA. CA Technologies.

What are they thinking over there in Islandia? When Computer Associates changed its name to CA in 2006, it seemed like a lame move at the time. And indeed, while some people do refer the computer as CA, it appears to me that most people refer to it as Computer Associates. Or as some hybrid, like “CA — you know, Computer Associates.”

Not content with that, five years later the company has renamed itself again. To CA Technologies. And it took more nearly 700 people to come up with that name, too.

Improvement? Not.

Here’s what the official press release says:

CA, Inc. Has a New Name: CA Technologies

LAS VEGAS, May 16, 2010 — CA WORLD — CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today unveiled its new name to demonstrate its commitment to managing and securing IT environments and to deliver more flexible IT services to its customers.

The evolution of the company brand and name change to CA Technologies and its new internet site design——were unveiled today at CA World 2010, the Company’s annual customer conference. CA World has attracted more than 7,000 customers, partners, analysts, press and employees to the Mandalay Bay Resort, and runs today through Thursday.

“The name CA Technologies acknowledges both our past and points to our future as a leader in delivering the solutions that will revolutionize the way IT powers business agility,” said CEO Bill McCracken. “We are executing on a bold strategy to delight our customers with unprecedented levels of IT speed and flexibility.”

The brand and name change to CA Technologies was designed with insights from nearly 700 customers, partners and market thought leaders, and was developed to ensure the delivery of a consistent story in the market that reflects the full breadth and depth of what the company offers.

“Our integrated marketing campaign and name change will demonstrate a consistent brand message and image to our global customers,” said Marianne Budnik, Chief Marketing Officer, CA Technologies. “We are rolling out a global advertising campaign, website redesign, online marketing, new collateral and signage to ensure our new identity and brand promise resonates with customers and partners around the world.”

Sorry, Marianne, but you’ll always be Computer Associates to me.

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