Ex-Borland Auction for Haiti Relief

I’m pleased to pass along this message from my friend Michael Swindell, a long-time Borlander who now works at Embarcadero Technologies. There’s lots of cool stuff on their eBay auction site, and of course, this is for an important cause. I’ve got my eye on a few things…

Borland Memorabilia Auction for Haiti Relief by ex-Borlanders has started. Bid early and often. The first 60 items are listed now. All net proceeds go to Haiti Relief (Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund). We’ll be listing more items over the course of February.

Please pass this on. The more people who know about the auction the more we can raise for Haiti relief. Thanks!

And if you’re an ex-Borlander like we are, we’ve placed a donation bin in the main lobby at 100 Enterprise Way (formerly Borland Way) where you can drop off any cool or unique Borland historical items or memorabilia you’d like for us to include in the auction. If it’s an expensive item and you’d like to hand it off directly just drop me a note. We’ve received some great stuff and really appreciate all the donations so far.

Click here on on the picture for the auction site.

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