It’s the future! Where are the flying cars?

My favorite New Years story goes back exactly 10 years. I was here in San Francisco, and my wife was visiting friends and family in Scotland.

It was wonderful when Carole called just after midnight, her time, to wish me a Happy New Year. Even though, of course, it was only 4:00 PM here in California.

But it was also freakish to talk to someone who was in a different millennium than I was. It was a “Back to the Future” or “Fifth Element” moment. (Yes, I know that purists insist that the new millennium began in 2001. That not the point. Go away.)

Carole looked out the window in response to my query and said that, no, she didn’t see any flying cars, people using jetpacks or anything else obviously futuristic. So much for the predictive powers of science fiction.

Happy New Year, my friends! May your 2010 be filled with peace, health and happiness.

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