GameStreamer vows to arm congress

My hats are off to the gang at GameStreamer for today’s press release. I have no idea about the games, but who cares? They’ve got a great sense of humor, and have delivered a solid marketing message.

GameStreamer, Inc. Today Announced a New Plan to Keep America Cool, Starting With Congress

GameStreamer vows to arm congress with better games to play during budget meetings.

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — On September 1st, 2009, a story broke on the web that two members of the Connecticut House of Representatives were involved in a scandalous activity, playing Solitaire during a budget vote. The picture of the deed can be seen here:

GameStreamer’s Co-Founder and EVP Nathan Lands was shocked and appalled by this development and formally responded to the news as follows:

“When I first heard of this atrocity and degradation to America’s image I was left mortified. We asked ourselves, ‘Can GameStreamer help?’ Unanimously the answer was ‘Yes we can!'”

“Events like these are unfortunate and can be very damaging to the image of America. The USA is perceived as the world leader in gaming. We believe that everyone must do their part and thus GameStreamer has vowed to do its best to keep America cool by taking a first step. GameStreamer is giving a game coupon worth $20 to all 151 members of the Connecticut House of Representatives to be used for any game available through one of our partner sites,

“We believe now is the time for change in this country and it’s just not going to happen playing lame games like solitaire.”

This is but one of many initiatives by GameStreamer to help America and the world be a cooler place to live in. GameStreamer thinks trash and waste is lame and is leading the way in spearheading the digital distribution revolution. GameStreamer sees a future where gaming and media will be available everywhere you are, whether you’re in a car, living room or on a train. This future will be free from the waste inherent with physical distribution of games such as physical media waste and all the cumulative waste that is produced from transporting the games and commuting to buy the games.

About GameStreamer, Inc.

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