Advertising spending might increase in these difficult times

Recessions and other tough economic climates often hit marketing budgets pretty hard. That was certainly the case when the bubble popped in 2000/2001. However, according to the Association of National Advertisers, more than a quarter of marketers plan to increase spending despite downturn.

According to a recent ANA survey, marketers responded:

How will you adjust your current marketing and media plans to account for the recent downturn in the financial markets?

• Spending will be reduced (33%)
• Spending will be constant / marketing mix will be reallocated (33%)
• Surprisingly, we will spend more (27%)
• No changes, we will keep everything status quo (8%)

How does your CEO view your marketing efforts with respect to growth?

• As a brand-building investment (56%)
• As an unaccountable but necessary expense (21%)
• Not sure (15%)
• As an unnecessary expense (8%)

As you look toward 2009, how much do you plan to spend on marketing vs. 2008?

• Increase spending more than 10% (26%)
• Increase spending less than 10% (13%)
• Hold stable (28%)
• Decrease spending less than 10% (14%)
• Decrease spending more than 10% (19%)

See the full results for more data.

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