Some ugly cars, and some not so ugly cars

This week, the Daily Telegraph has been running a list of the 100 ugliest cars, according to a reader poll. Some of the cars may not be familiar to you, since they weren’t sold in the U.S. Those funny little European cars are really, well, funny.

Ninety-four of the cars on this list I agree are ugly, especially their #1 choice. I’ll leave it to you to read the article. But six others I don’t agree with at all, and so will protest here:

#94 Porche Boxster – I always thought they were cute.

#88 Aston Martin Bulldog (pictured) – with only one car actually made, it doesn’t really belong on the list. But I like the long, low lines.

#67 Lexus 430SC – What’s wrong with it?

#59 Ford Mustang “Fox Body” – thing of beauty, my friends, thing of beauty.

#28 Toyota Scion xB – The original “box on wheels” is one of my favorite cars. Too bad the 2008 redesign ruined it.

#14 Triumph TR7 – A great design, what’s not to like?

Okay. I’ve had my say. What do you think?

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick