Microsoft’s Midori to sandbox applications for increased security

The third installment of David Worthington’s exclusive series about the internals of Midori — a new operating system from Microsoft — has been published on It is widely believed that Midori will replace the current Windows, though Microsoft is non-committal at this point.

The article, “Microsoft’s Midori to sandbox apps for increased security,” begins,

August 5, 2008 — Security is a watchword for Midori, the operating system that Microsoft is incubating in hopes of freeing itself from its legacy Windows software architecture.

SD Times has viewed internal Microsoft documents that detail Midori’s security proposition. The highlights include memory safety and type safety, and a least-privileged mode. As well, hardware support may enable a secure boot mechanism and a remote chain of trust on top of secure booting.

You can read the first two parts of the Midori story:

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