We bid a sad adieu to our trusty Sunbeam Mixmaster

How long does a Sunbeam Mixmaster last? Based on three data points, the answer is, “Twenty five years.”

Today, our trusty Mixmaster’s motor died. My wife and I purchased it right after we got married, 25 years ago. It was sad to see it go away. So many memories, so many cakes!

When we got married, there was no question that we’d get a Sunbeam Mixmaster. My mother had the classic Sunbeam Mixmaster model 12 (manufactured from 1957-1967), which she got right after she got married. It wore out when it was 26 years old. The model 12 looked exactly like the one in picture.

My mother-in-law had an identical Mixmaster model 12, which also lasted about 25 years.

My lovely bride and I agreed when we set up our household: No kitchen would be right without a Mixmaster. That’s what we still think 25 years later.

We replaced the tired old Mixmaster with a new Sunbeam, of course. We got the 450-watt “Sunbeam Heritage Series Dual Motor Stand Mixer, Silver, Model 2347.”

I suggested that we mark the family calendar for July 2033, when we’ll have to buy another Mixmaster.

So long, and thanks for all the cookies!

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick