I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities for mobile development using the iPhone 2.0 software stack and AJAX.

If you missed the iPhone development classes at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, or if you want an Eclipse-style look at the platform, you’ll want to attend class #207 at EclipseWorld 2008, Oct. 28-30 in Reston, Va.

Here’s the description of the class, being taught by Chris Williams:

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
207 Developing AJAX Applications for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple’s iPhone is transforming the Web as we know it and compelling every Web designer to consider handheld portable devices. This hands-on technical class covers various aspects of iPhone and iPod Touch development. It will include tips and tricks as well as best practices to follow.

You’ll learn how to use popular Eclipse plugins, as well as AJAX libraries, to build rich Internet applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch AJAX applications. You’ll be using Aptana Studio and Aptana’s iPhone plugin, as well as the jQuery, prototype, the iUI library and others.

Register today – there are huge discounts for “eXtreme Early Bird” signups.

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