I’m scratching my head over this one. For the past few years, InfoWorld has put out a weekly newsletter called Application Development Report, filled with a mixture of development and general IT news. While the newsletter wanders a bit around the topic (they do a lot of coverage of e-mail management and network security, for example), it’s not bad.

But then a few weeks ago, the newsletter’s editors announced:

This is the final week for the Application Development Report. Starting next week, you’ll get the Strategic Developer newsletter on Thursdays, with the same great emphasis on news and how-tos in the app dev space.

So… since the content for Strategic Developer is going to be the same as for Application Development Report, presumably the audience is the same: programmers.

The question is: Is there a difference between “application development” and “strategic development”?

Does a strategic developer seem to be more like a business analyst, rather than a software developer? What do you think?

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