It’s funny when you come across old stuff about yourself on the Internet. In today’s episode, I was trying to find something that I’d written about the Macintosh Finder. After failing to find it on my hard drive, it was off to Google with the search phrase +zeichick +finder.

What came was a press release by Sun Microsystems, dated March 24, 1998.
It celebrated that the publication I edited at the time (Miller Freeman’s Network Magazine) gave the Sun Enterprise 10000 “Starfire” server a “Product of the Year” award. Here’s the quote I apparently gave Sun a decade ago:

“In selecting the “Product of the Year” recipients, we looked for products that are sure to make a significant impact on our readers’ networks,” said Alan Zeichick, editor-in-chief of Network Magazine. “There are many contenders in the enterprise-level server category, but when it comes to brute strength, the Starfire system is the only server that offers mainframe-class performance without the drastic changes that the mainframe demands in the way you manage the technology.”

Network Magazine is gone now, as is the now-obsolete Starfire server. But thanks to the Internet, both will live on forever.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick