Parasoft offers ‘amnesty’ to Agitar customers

The feeding frenzy is in progress, as Parasoft joins Instantiations in offering a migration plan for Agitar users. Two is a crowd, so this will be the last of these marketing programs I’ll blog about.

Last week, we discussed Instantiations’ offer of a free license for all Agitar customers. Here’s what Parasoft’s amnesty program offers:

Parasoft now offers all Agitar customers a special program to expand from Agitar’s unit testing tool into Parasoft’s Application Development Quality Solution, which establishes a continuous quality process that ensures software verification methods are ingrained into the workflow across every stage of the SDLC. Agitar users will be able to trade-up their current licenses for the Parasoft Application Quality Solution. This program begins May 20, 2008 and ends on August 15, 2008.

Parasoft is noteworthy for throwing a huge birthday bash at JavaOne, to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. It was great party, but unfortunately Adam Kolawa, the founder, chief executive and visionary leader of Parasoft, didn’t attend.

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