Keep your digital gadgets sparkling clean!

This just in from a friendly public-relations person:


I wanted to let you know about a great new product hitting the market next week — the La Fresh Tech Pack, a compact mini travel zip-up bag that contains individual towelettes to clean all of your tech devices.

This is an easy way to keep all of your digital gadgets clean while on the go. It’s great for glasses, screens, lenses, scopes, cameras, PDAs, cell phones, laptops, gaming devices etc., etc., etc. And there’s no need for a liquid cleaner and separate applicator cloth — it’s all in one!

The La Fresh Tech Pack includes four Wet & Dry Dual Action Screen Cleaning towelette packets, three Lens Cleaning towelette packets, and three Anti-Bacterial towelette packets. All towelettes are biodegradable! The entire Tech Pack is travel friendly — it meets the TSA regulations to be carried onboard a plane. This pack is perfect for the office, computer bag, car, home, purse, or school locker.

The MSRP for the La Fresh Tech Pack is $9.99.

I could use that little dual-action screen cleaning towelette right now. The display on my Mac notebook is filthy!

Be cautious about applying any chemical to optical lenses. For those, use a soft brush or lint-free cloth. Clean wash cloths are good, as are squares cut from old, well-laundered plain white t-shirts. (White is important, because you can see if it’s dirty before you use it.)

Do not use general-purpose paper tissue (like facial tissue or toilet paper) on camera lenses or eyeglasses. Even though tissues seem soft, paper is mildly abrasive, and can damage any anti-glare coatings on the lens, or even scratch it. Even with cloth, wipe gently on the lens to remove dust or dirt. Don’t apply pressure on the glass.

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