BEA, Oracle market share

Several times over the past few days, I’ve been asked, “Do you know the relative market share held by BEA Systems and Oracle for Java application servers?”

And amazing, the answer is yes. BZ Research does a formal study every winter on the Java market. Here are the numbers from our 6th Annual Java Use & Awareness Study, December 2006.

Question: Which Java application servers are currently in use at your company?


Apache Tomcat, 64.3%
IBM WebSphere App Server, 36.9%
JBoss Application Server, 32.0%
BEA WebLogic App Server, 23.7%
Oracle App Server, 22.4%
Sun Java Enterprise System, 19.0%
Apache Geronimo, 11.8%
SAP NetWeaver, 6.0%

All others that we asked came in lower than 5%. These numbers add to more than 100% because many organizations use more than one application server.

The full report contains historical trend data. It can be purchased from BZ Research.

Z Trek Copyright (c) Alan Zeichick