If you’re going to EclipseCon, be sure to catch my presentation, “Working with the IT Press.” This “long talk” session has just been accepted by the conference program committee.

“Working with the IT Press” is an evolving presentation that I’ve been delivering for more than a decade at various conferences and trade shows, and in shorter form one-on-one with small company owners.

My goal is to help small organizations (such as software companies or open-source projects) to know the ground rules of working the media: how to pitch us on news stories, how to handle an interview, how to interact with writers who are doing product reviews, and so-on. Some of those rules are counter-intuitive.

Big companies, and their professional public-relations agencies, always have an advantage, in that they know how to work the press. This session tries to level the playing field. Hope to see you there. EclipseCon 2007 is March 5-8, in Santa Clara, Calif.

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