For the second time, Borland has postponed an “all editors” briefing with SD Times, geared at helping us understand their technology, product and business strategy.

The two-hour call was initially set for Oct. 24, and was to have included Tod Neilsen (pictured), their new CEO; Rick Jackson, the SVP for strategy; and Marc Brown, the head of ALM product marketing. We gathered up the troops, but they notified us that morning that Tod couldn’t make the call. So, we rescheduled for today, Nov. 14.

This morning, they informed our editorial team that their executives again can’t make the meeting. No date has been set for the third attempt.

Borland has complained that SD Times’ coverage is overly critical, and said we haven’t given them the opportunity to explain their strategy. We’re ready whenever they are.

>> Update 11/15: Borland’s PR team explains that the meeting was canceled, in part, because of the pending CodeGear announcement. SEC requirements wouldn’t let Borland discuss it with us in advance. We expect to get together with Tod Neilsen (Borland CEO) and Ben Smith (CodeGear CEO) soon.

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