The strangest thing… a big truck pulled up outside the office, and tried to deliver a 500-pound palette with an industrial-grade bandsaw on it.

The trucking company’s bill of lading showed that this was an order from to be delivered to me. But I didn’t order a bandsaw, and it’s hard to imagine that someone would send me one. (It’s not Father’s Day, is it?)

We (me and the truck driver) discovered that Amazon’s shipping label on the palette itself has a different name and delivery address — in a different state. Same bill of lading number, however.

We were shaking our heads on this one. Why is my name/address on the bill of lading?

I refused delivery, of course. But now I’m having (sort of) buyer’s remorse. It might be fun to have a free industrial-strength bandsaw.

Is there a full moon or something?

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